Tree Yoni

Assemblage – Ivy driftwood, feathers, rope, birch twigs.

180cm x 65cm x 35cm.

Not for sale.


Vesica Pisces, the geometry born out of two intersecting circles, and the mother of all forms. This piece honours the beauty of the Feminine. It honours the dark birthing space of the womb, the nurturing and wild power of creation that the feminine holds. My own experience of the re-birthing power that the trees of this world can also afford us is echoed in the creation of this piece.

At nearly two metres tall, this piece carries quite an impact on its viewers! Its starting point was when I found an large and exquisite piece of Ivy driftwood whilst out on a foraging mission. The distinctive shape, when turned on its side, made me think that it would become the outer shape of an eye, but the driftwood had other plans…

The inter-connection between the life of the artist, and the life of their works never ceases to amaze me. At the time of creating this piece, and without my conscious mind registering what was happening, my wife and I were trying to conceive a child.

Subtle accents of colour were added to the Ivy branches, bringing out the grain. Layers of rope were stacked upon a former to create the interior of the Yoni. Pheasant plumage surrounds the clitoris. Birch brash was tied into thin bundles using wire and laid around the sides of the piece.

A serpent rising up into the Sacred Feminine. Now theres a thing.

This piece felt like it belonged somewhere with a strong female energy and presence. I was approached by the amazing Jewels Wingfield, founder of Earth Heart centre in The Forest of Dean, and a great facilitator of female empowerment. She had received a dream to contact me in regards to my artwork. After our discussion, I made this piece a gift to the centre.