Double Helix

Light Fitting – Mopani wood.

80cm diameter, 120cm height.

Not for sale.


Under view of the piece called Double Helix. Pieces of Mopani wood were fixed invisibly together to form a double helix structure. Mopani wood is incredibly heavy, but when the double helix was completed, it gave the sculpture great integral strength.

This piece was a commission for a barn conversion and retreat centre in Wales. Both the materials and shape were intended to echo the exposed and ancient oak beams in the space, and the magnificent hanging central chimney (seen below). The shadows and shapes thrown by the light can be seen in the video posted below.

The space where Helix now hangs, showing the exposed wooden beams, and the central fireplace and chimney which provided the cues for the materials and design chosen for the commission.

Footage from my studio as this piece was being constructed, showing the amazing shapes and shadows that this organic light shade throws.

During the construction of the Double Helix, a Robin befriended me, and visited the studio every day. He was very interested in the sculpture, hopping all over it even as I worked on it with power tools! He added several nice blobs of bird shit, and in exchange for some food, would sing to me while I worked.