The Hunted King

Assemblage – driftwood, bones, feathers and mixed media.

107cm x 80cm x 25cm.

Not for Sale.

Created to pay respects to the beings of the forest where I live, who find themselves hunted. My own dog is a hunter, and provided the pelvis bone of a deer which forms the face of the being represented here. The wings are of Pheasant, the head dress is Magpie, Guinea Fowl and Jackdaw feathers, with some magical African Pygmee seeds for good measure! The spheres below represent the beings that lie under the protection of the King’s wings.

The frame is constructed to lean outwards and give an imposing feel, whilst also serving as a means to keep dust from settling on the piece.

Whatever you may hunt for in the forest, make sure to seek permission from the Hunted King!