Flowering Spheres Of Life


100cm x 100cm.

Original for sale at £1,850.

Prints available in a range of sizes and art stocks from £49.

Based upon the geometrical structure of the Flower of Life pattern (details on the geometry given below). Raised outlines were formed using papermaché and a palette knife.

The all seeing eye of the cosmos, One Mind, from which all phenomena arises and returns to.

The Flower of Life is a pattern that I have been repeatedly drawn to over the years, and is endlessly inspiring. However, in artworks, I personally have been overexposed to its use and wanted to explore other possibilities using the same geometrical workings as a base. To this end, I utilised CGI software to construct a three dimensional Flower of Life, using spheres rather than two-dimensional circles. This geometry was then rendered using an extreme wide-angle lens to create the rendering shown below. Next to this image is a work-in-progress shot showing the initial application of the paper maché.