Ancient Journey Into New Ages

Oil on Canvas.

100cm x 100cm.

Original for sale at £9,750 (Unframed) or £11,250 (With Custom-built Frame)

Prints Available in a range of sizes and art stocks from £75.50

Initially commissioned by a dear friend for an album cover, this painting is a representation of the weird and wonderful world of new age plant medicine ceremonies.

As indigenous knowledge moves around the globe, it can morph, sometimes richly intertwining with other strands of knowledge, sometimes new age drift can become a problem. Those long and sometimes arduous nights and days felt to me like sailing in a cosmic ship, fellow crew and passengers holding tight, letting go.

In this painting, the circle of participants are being guided by the shaman, who in turn, has become the tree, nestled spiritually and physically within its roots.

The three faces of the spirit of the tree, oversee and guide from above. They blow the symbol of the science of musical harmony. One blows onto the red feathers, guiding the women, whilst the other steers the feathers and journeys of the men. Snakes emerge from the tree’s roots, messengers from a different realm. The heart of the tree opens.